Why do runners need to be hydrated?

Why do runners need to be hydrated?

Whether it is a short run, a marathon, or a regular run, being hydrated is of paramount importance to all the runners. If the body is not hydrated well, then not only will the performance be diminished but the body will also be prone to various risks and health complications. Proper hydration is recommended for all runners all round the year irrespective of the seasons as the body generates immense heat while running. It gets difficult to stay hydrated during the summer season when the body already creates additional heat than usual times. Being hydrated is not a challenge when you have an ORS solution for replenishing your body.

Hydration facts

Everyone responds differently to physical activity. Therefore, the amount of fluid each body requires is different. Some people sweat more than others. Factors like climate and temperature also play an important role in dehydration. Runners sweat as the muscles heat up due to pressure and they eventually lose fluid and energy. Excessive sweating can cause dehydration. This condition can at times also hinder the runner’s performance. Also, muscles contain 75% water and if the body is dehydrated it cannot expand and contract at its peak performance which can lead to injury.

ORS and its features

Oral rehydration solution (ORS) is a mixture of electrolytes, sugar, and water, that is used to replace the body fluids in dehydration. ORS is an effective treatment for patients suffering from dehydration caused due to sweating, fever, vomiting, or diarrhoea. The ORS solution contains sodium and glucose and has a gross osmolarity of 245 mOsm/l. When a runner consumes ORS, the water-electrolyte level is maintained, and the body quickly regains lost fluids.

ORS For Recovery

In order to improve the ability of the body to quickly absorb fluids during running, ORS contains important electrolytes in a dextrose base. In hot or humid weather, ORS is the ideal electrolyte replacement drink to prevent dehydration, hyponatremia, exertional heat disease like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and muscle cramps during exercise. Coslyte ORS is also available in ready-to-drink tetrapacks (RTD) which can be consumed anytime, anywhere.

How ingredients of ORS help marathoners, ultra-runners, and athletes

Significant sodium losses are experienced by runners subjecting them to fluid-electrolyte imbalances. Potassium is also an important mineral for a runner which helps in the functioning of heart, muscle, kidney, maintenance of water balance and distribution. Dextrose anhydrous is the purest type of dextrose, commonly called glucose which is beneficial for runners.


ORS Coslyte is a rehydration drink for runners which is much better than plain water. It is something that can help to restore fluid levels and properly replenish the body with depleted electrolytes and minerals. Runners can drink ORS as advised by the doctor for optimum performance and stay hydrated.

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