5 Best practices to stay hydrated in summer

Summer calls for family picnics, getting your skin tan at the beach and endless hours of playing your favourite games outdoors, but too much fun in the sun can be dangerous. Due to several factors, hot and humid weather leads to dehydration.

Causes of dehydration in summers

Dehydration is often caused in summers due to factors such as insufficient water consumption while spending too much time in the heat outdoors. It is mostly caused due to unusually high-water loss due to illness such as high fever, heatwave, vomiting, diarrhoea, intense activity and other reasons. In summers, the condition is more prevalent as the body loses a lot of water quickly due to summer transpiration.

Looking forward to staying hydrated this summer? Here are a few tips that will come in handy:

1. Track Your Water Intake

Some people do not know how much water they consume on a regular basis, or even how much water they normally drink. You will be able to take water with you everywhere you go if you invest in a refillable water bottle. To help you keep track of your everyday water consumption, you can find bottles with time markings on the rim. You can also get bottles that carry features that notify you if you don’t drink enough water.

2. Consume Foods That Have High Water Content

In order to remain hydrated, you do not necessarily have to drink water. To keep you hydrated, certain water-rich fruits and vegetables are ideal, and eating them helps you avoid any of the sugary ingredients that are commonly used in juice drinks which is not good for your body. Consider watermelons, cucumbers, and spinach as they have high water content.

3. Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol will potentially lead you to become more dehydrated. It has a diuretic effect as well and is thought to induce dehydration. It interferes with the antidiuretic enzyme, making water more difficult to consume. You will lose more water and not be able to replace them fast enough if you consume a lot of alcohol in hot weather.

4. Drink Coconut Water

On summer nights, coconut water can be extremely soothing as it’s filled with electrolytes which can rehydrate your body. You should stick to plain coconut water that has no added sugar and do not replace it with water. Plain coconut water tastes amazing and will work well in summer to replenish the body with the needed fluids.

5. Check Your Urine

The main indication of how much water you need is the colour of your urine, and it may be a warning sign of dehydration. The urine should be transparent and pale yellow. You might be dehydrated if it’s darker. This summer, keep yourself protected, calm, and hydrated. To stay healthy, pay attention to your body and give it the fluids it requires. Follow these tips to stay hydrated and be prepared to welcome the new season.

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